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Fujitsu e3 Heat Pump Range


The All New Fujitsu e3 Heat Pump Range

Fujitsu e3 Heat PumpNew for 2014, the Fujitsu e3 Heat Pump Range has arrived!

Just when you though Heat Pumps couldn’t get any more efficient, Fujitsu has done it again!

The Fujitsu e3 Heat Pump Range uses a completely new thermodynamic system to heat or cool your home or office space.   Boasting the new R32 refrigerant, the e3 series will deliver more heating and cooling  for your money than ever before.  Better still, they offer a significant environmental improvement on previous heat pump systems with zero ozone depletion as well as reduced GWP (global warming potential).

 Fujitsu e3 Heat Pump Series Brochure

Fujitsu e3 Heat Pump


Fujitsu ASTG09KMCA 2.5kW Cooling / 3.2kW Heating.....

Fujitsu ASTG12KMCA 3.5kW Cooling / 3.7kW Heating.....

Fujitsu ASTG18KMCA 5.0kW Cooling / 6.0kW Heating.....

Fujitsu ASTG22KMCA 6.0kW Cooling / 7.2kW Heating.....

Fujitsu ASTG24KMCA 7.1kW Cooling / 8.0kW Heating.....


The heat exchange efficiency has got even better!  The Fujitsu e3 Heat Pump Series features the all new high density heat exchange coil.  The coil volume has increased by 35% over the previous models.

And like the Nocria, the Fujitsu e3 Series has a power diffuser.Fujistu e3 Series Heat Pumps

  • During Heating Mode – The vertical air flow provides comfortable floor level heating.  It does so quickly and effectively.
  • During Cooling Mode – A long air throw is delivered by horizontal air flow.  This allows the room to quickly reach your set temperature, in every corner of the room.

The power diffuser operates automatically depending on your mode settings.  This results in faster comfort, more efficiently.

Like the Premier Plus, the e3 Heat Pumps feature the Human Sensor and 7 day timer.

Fujitsu e3 Heat Pump Human Sensor

The Human sensors IR tecnologydoes not just sense motion, but senses human presence in the room.  If you leave the room, the unit will switch to an energy saving mode after twenty minutes.  This will adjust the temperature slightly(maximum of 4 degrees in heating mode) When someone enters the room again the Fujitsu e3 Heat Pump will return to the original settings.

Humans are detected in the space by the pyroelectric IR sensor.  The range is six metres between 90 degrees vertically and 100 degrees horizontally.

The on/off timer can be set up to 4 times a day/28 times a week.  For example two programs at waking up and going to sleep can be set.  Set and forget – Once you have the timer all set up, you can forget all about your Fujitsu e3 Heat Pump.

Fujitsu e3 Timer ASTG24KMCA

ASTG09KMCA e3 Heat Pumps

All Fujitsu e3 Heat Pumps are equipped with power saving devices such as…

  • DC Rotary Compressors
  • All DC Inverter Control
  • High Density Heat Exchanger
  • The All New R32 Thermodynamic System

The ASTG09KMCA has achieved a star rating of 5 for both heating and cooling.  It can offer 4.92kW of heat for every kW of power used.

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