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With so much choice these days, it is hard to know what the best heating solution for your home or office may be.  One of the most common questions asked is “How much is my heat pump going to cost me to run?” or “How do heat pump heating costs compare to gas?”  The graph below gives you an indication of the on going running costs of the most common heating appliances throughout New Zealand.

Below is a chart for the average heating costs for the most common heating appliances in New Zealand.



Heating Costs Heat Pumps Auckland
Heating costs based on  the typical highest and lowest of heater efficiencies. This does not include initial purchase or any installation or any on going service and  maintenance costs.

Fuel cost assumptions: Electricity 24 c/kWh; Wood pellets $0.62/kg; Firewood $75/m3; Natural gas 12.4c/kWh; LPG (45kg
bottle) $2.30/kg plus $120 annual rental charge (18.5c/kWh including bottle rental assuming a total annual gas consumption
of 7000 kWh) ; LPG (9kg bottle) $3.50/kg.

For un-flued gas heaters 30% of the heat produced is assumed to be lost due to
the requirement to leave a window open. Note that fuel costs can vary greatly depending on location you live, your retailer and the plan you are on.

*Natural gas price includes a portion of fixed charges assuming a total annual gas consumption of 7000 kWh. Actual cost
depends on your tariff and actual total gas consumption.


Source: www.energywise.govt.nz

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