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Fujitsu General Ltd. – Fujitsu Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps – Wikipedia


We are interested in exchanging links with other websites that have content similar to ours. Please contact us to begin this process.

We may be interested in a link exchange with other well-maintained websites similar to ours. We prefer to exchange links with sites that are similar to ours, but will consider high quality websites on other topics that meet our Guidelines…

We feel our site is of a high standard, and as such are only interested in sites of a similar quality.

We are only interested in links on pages that…

  • Are designed for humans, not just search engines
  • Are relevant to our site
  • Are well spidered and indexed by search engines
  • Will place our link within unique content
  • Will place our link on pages with few other outgoing links, preferably less than 20
  • Are not linking to low quality websites

Just to be clear, and because we get hundreds of link exchange emails that don’t meet the above criteria, we are specifically not looking for…

  • Link directories with hundreds of links per page
  • Link directories where the design does not match the rest of the site
  • Links on pages not spidered or indexed by the major search engines
  • Links on sites covered with ads, or “Made for Adsense” sites
  • Links on sites with no apparent uniqueness or value to offer
  • Links on sites not related to ours

Important note:

We do automatic checks on your site every so often to ensure that our link is still active and working. We also review each site manually, so it may take a couple of days for your link to appear on the site.



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