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Heat Pump Installation


Heat Pump Installation


Heat Pump Installation - ASTG12LVCCThe installation of your heat pump is one the most important part of the purchasing process.  If your heat pump is not installed correctly by trained technicians, your new heat pump may not last and will not be covered under any manufacturer’s warranties.

At ACS we are NZQA qualified and Fujitsu accredited installers.  We understand how the refrigeration cycle works, what affect the unit positioning have and the physics behind air movement.  We have all the correct tools and specialized equipment to get any job done.

In a seemingly unregulated industry, this is what sets ACS apart from the pack.

The Installation Process…..

Before we start any heat pump installation we like to go back over the install with the customer first.  This ensures that there are no mix ups due to confusion, and the customer knows exactly what they are getting.  Then we get it all under way.

The average heat pump installation will take roughly four hours.  However there are a few things that can add time to your heat pump installation.  Things to keep in mind……

  • Power supply – Is the unit going to be supplied via an existing socket outlet or is anew circuit going to be run back to the switch board.
  • Pipe Length – Is it a straight back to back installation or is the outdoor unit on a second level or being moved out of sight.
  • Accessibility – Is there easy access to the installation.

Once your new unit has been installed, we test run the unit and tidy up.  We test your new unit to ensure all the functions work correctly, no unusual noises or vibrations, no water leaks and that it works effectively.  Once passing our commissioning tests we issue the customer with the user manual, warranty cards and electrical code of compliance.  From there we give offer a ‘driving lesson’ to teach you how to gain the most out of your new heat pump.

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